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Dr. András Bánfi
Dr. András Bánfi
Pet emergency- and orthopaedic surgery
Orvosi iskolák
Állatorvos-tudományi Egyetem
Gyakorlat / Rezidens
Állatorvos-tudományi Egyetem Sebészeti és Szemészeti Tanszéke, Hannoveri Egyetem, PrimaVet Kisállat-Rendelőintézet vezetője
Speciális szakterületek
ortopédia- és traumatológiai esetek (kereszteződő szalag szakadások, térd izületi műtéti megoldások – TPLO- törések)

I graduated at the University of Veterinary Science (recently Faculty of Veterinary Science, Szent István University) in 1985. I conducted my diploma work at the Department of Surgery and Ophthalmology and the Department of Pathology about less painful and dangerous examination methods of tumours. The title of my thesis was “Fine-needle aspiration cytodiagnostic of tumours”.

In the same year, I got employed as a lecturer at the Department of Surgery and Ophthalmology. Here, I was working at the Pet Hospital until 1992. Besides gaining both theoretical and practical experience in several surgical methods, I held practical courses for university students in surgery and ophthalmology. I participated at a number of conferences in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, and held presentations in, among others, Vienna and Leipzig. Initially, I investigated surgical methods related to bone tumour, flake offs of cartilage and anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) rupture.

Later on, I mainly focused on traumatology and orthopaedics; besides, I am dealing with diseases of senior pets and other questions related to gerontology. I became an advisor of the geriatric programme developed for vets of the pharmaceutical company Pfizer, which was later published as “Pfizer Senior Health Programme”. I held related presentations at a number of conferences at several places in Hungary.

In 1984 and 1989, I took a 6-week and a 4-week further training course at the University of Hannover. In 1998, I gained an advanced level certificate in German. Since 1997, I am a regular attendee of the yearly DVG-Vet-Congress in Germany and Switzerland, and congresses in Baden-Baden. I am often participating at conferences of the Austrian Veterinary Chamber in Salzburg and Vienna. Together with Dr László Zsoldos, I am a permanent attendee and presenter at Hungarian veterinary congresses, which are exhibiting an increasing trend in scientific quality. Additionally, I am a regular invited speaker at a number of congresses of county chambers.

Recently, I am attending an intermediate level course in English.

I was one of the founders of Prim-A-Vet Kft in 1990. Initially, I worked there on part-time, later on full-time, quitting my job at the university.

Publications: I published 8 papers in Hungarian veterinary journals (4 in MAL, 4 in Kisállatpraxis), additionally, I co-authored a paper in the peer-reviewed international journal Oncology, entitled "Free Radical and Antioxidant Properties of Blood and Lymph Nodes of Healthy Dogs and Dogs with Lymphoma". I also published weekly in the veterinary section of the Hungarian daily newspaper BLIKK for 9 years and held a monthly veterinary programme on the radio line Calypso for 7 years.

I was elected as a member of the Ethics Committee of the Budapest Sub-organisation, Hungarian Veterinary Chamber in 1996 and was re-elected in 2000. Since 2004, I am part of the Committee for Technical and Further Education, where one of my tasks is to organise the annual scientific meeting. I am also participating in the organisation of other conference series, like the semi-annual “Prima-Katedra” and the annual Hungarovet-Hungaromed veterinary conference.

Completed courses, further education: human and veterinary orthopaedic surgery course type “AO”, advanced roentgenology studies I-IV. In 2003, I post graduated as “pet specialist vet”.

I was two times elected as vice-president of the Hungarian Small Animal Orthopaedic Association (founded in 2002). I was awarded by the National Meeting of Delegates of the Hungarian Veterinary Chamber as “vet of the year 2009”.

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