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Our clinic is primarily specialised on surgery. Beside abdominal, thoracic, soft-tissue and plastic surgeries, we are also experts of traumatology, orthopaedics and ocular surgery. Related radiological examinations, additionally treatment and surgery methodics themselves, are mainly carried out by Dr László Zsoldos, veterinary specialist, former assistant lecturer (Department of Surgery and Ophthalmology, Szent István University), Dr András Bánfi, pet specialist, former assistant lecturer (Department of Surgery and Ophthalmology) and Dr Zsolt Kendik, former assistant professor (Department of Surgery and Ophthalmology).

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Neurological surgeries are intensively performed by Dr Zsoldos (vertebral spine diseases) since 1980 and Dr Kendik since 1991. The numbers of surgeries for slipped disc and cauda equine syndrome, representing the two most frequent diseases, have risen to thousands since then.

Orthopaedic examination and related surgeries are the main tasks of Dr Bánfi. He intensively studies the background and related surgical methodics of these types of diseases since 1989. Dr Kendik is responsible for the treatment of traumatic limb injuries, bone fractures and arthroscopic surgeries.

Internal medicine, gynaecology, as well as artificial insemination and related examinations (ultrasound) are mainly performed by Dr Melinda Donka.

Ultrasound service is held by Dr Enikő Tóth, who did her ultrasound studies in Vienna and Giessen.

Our MRI specialist, Dr Zoltán Kerekes, became a specialist of radiology during his stay in abroad working with leading UK and US specialists.

Exotic pet care: our regular visitors are rabbits, ferrets and hamsters. This special field increasingly challenges us, more and more surgeries are performed on these animals at our clinic. Specialists Dr Melinda Donka, Dr Enikő Tóth and Dr Andrea Hámori are dealing with such exotic animals.

Our vets regularly take further training courses. Dr Oleszja Horváth, specialist of dermatology and anaesthesiology, graduated as a pet specialist in 2007, while Dr Andrea Hámori finished her postgraduate studies in 2010.

Since 2002, we are intensively working on the Hungarian introduction of regular and temporary examination of old pets with the support of the company Pfizer.

We developed a senior care program, which was introduced to interested colleagues in different counties of Hungary with great success. Since 2011, special consulting hours for dogs older than 7-8 years and for cats older than 10 years are offered at our clinic. Examinations for these senior patients are recommended on a half-year basis, consisting of a physical conditions tests and blood analyses. If necessary, other examinations can also be performed, such as urine test, abdominal ultrasound or chest x-ray.

Certainly, ambulatory care and vaccination are routine services, performed by all of our vet colleagues.

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